Thursday, March 25, 2010

China Trip

I was in China from 13th March to 21st March. It was a fun trip. I landed in Shanghai, the modern city and stayed for 2 nights. Then went to Hangzhao by bus and stayed for one night. It was a short 3 hour trip to the romantic city. Then I took a train and slept in the berth for the whole night before reaching Beijing. I stayed for 6 nights in the historical and cultural Beijing.


  1. You did not tell us how do you spent the days? and how much did you spent? heheheh

  2. hehee...MAS ticket + airport tax to and fro + hotels + show tickets to new shanghai acrobatic show, beijing magic acrobatic show + entrance fees to places that we visited + food ( lunch/dinner) + tips for the guides..that's rm3250.00. that was 10 days 8 nights trip to shanghai, hangzhao and beijing. pocket money? depends..heehee..around rm2000 i think