Sunday, September 25, 2011

smk convent will be a high performance school too

opening presentation by the zapin girls of sk convent
 ppd presenting camping champion ..sbt sk ismail of kuala terengganu
penolong pengarah kanan of bahagian pengurusan sbt
presenting the winner award for public speaking competition
choral speaking champion sbt sk convent
i attended the closing and award presentation of the national level  uniform units camping and the english carnival held at sk convent this afternoon. sk convent is a high performance school cohort 2 for 2011. there were 4 other hps and 7 schools from "pemuafakatan pintar" programme participated in these two events. it's a great success for sk convent. congratulation to pn rohana selamat the headmistress and all the teachers of sk convent. i hope and wish that smk convent will follow soon, insyaAllah. we must work tripple hard to achieve the high performance school level. this is possible if we teachers and pupils of smk convent work together and get full support from all the parents and the school board of govenors, insyaAllah.

hj azman's birthday

still giving his piece of advice..hehee....thank you hj murad for this picture

hj azman was my first principal when i first became a senior assistant at smk sg abong. today is his birthday. so he is retired at 58 years old. may Allah bless him with a blessed life. enjoy your retirement and happy birthday sir.

after 37 years

we met at hamidah md yassin son's wedding. they are my  form 3 friends. that was in 1974 at sabgs...hehee..yes so many years ago. they are ruzilah, maria, hanizah and nahariah. maria is now a datin. she's with pearls..a datin style kan..hehee.sitting beside me is ruzilah bachik. she was my form 1 dahlia class monitor. she's now at sabgs 2 primary school as a senior assistant. nahariah with peach color tudung. she's  prettier compared to many years ago...hehee..and hanizah..yes..she's a lot bigger now.  nice meeting all of you kawan-kawan. we are known as golden girls...that's what they told me..hehee

selamat tinggal mpgpk...

terima kasih sapian...terima kasih ramlah dengan gambar ini
terima kasih kawan-kawan gpk. seronok bekerja bersama-sama kawan-kawan semua. buku a doctor in the house the memoirs of tun dr mahathir mohamad cenderamata yang tebal. akan cuba habis membacanya. insyaAllah. semoga ikatan persahabatan terus berkekalan.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

pn salbiah ahmad new gpk of sabgs

her dearest girls

the kompang gilrs

the jamuan raya
pn salbiah is transfered to smk(p) sultan abu bakar as the gpk. she replaced me. she's very sad leaving smk convent but we are just like any other teachers that can be transfered at anytime. we'll miss you pn salbiah.

enjoy your retirement pn musalmah

pn musalmah receiving  a certificate from ppd tn hj ahmad othman
pn musalmah musiran has retired starting yesterday 21st september at the age of 58 years old. her last post is principal of smk tengku mahkota. she was a teacher and became principal of smk convent. may Allah bless her always. thank you hj murad for the picture

Sunday, September 11, 2011

principals of smk convent

ex-principals of smk convent pn hjh musalmah (green) and pn hjh maznah abu bakar

taufek & zaki

zaki & isteri

taufek & isteri

small reunion dengna cikgu sains cikgu nor'aini dan matematik cikgu adnan
alhamdulillah, kedua-dua taufek dan zaki dua beradik dan anak yatim ini adalah anak murid saya semasa mengajar di sekolah tinggi muar. mereka telah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan pasangan masing-masing dan majlis kedurinya telah diadakan serentak semalam 10 september 2011.

orchid time

Saturday, September 10, 2011

muar high atheletic team

muar high school atheletic team ..district champion
i was in muar high school from end of 1993 to 2004. one of my duty was as the adviser and trainer for the school atheletic team.  cikgu tn hj yusof , cikgu rosli and cikgu sheeliza were with the team too. hsm was always the champion all those years accept for one year we lost to chung hwa high school. ive great times with the atheletes and many are still in contact with me. last raya a few came to visit me, taufek, wafiuddin, azrul , jamizan and roshaizam rekman. thank you rekman for our team picture.
wafi family and friends
roshaizam rekman and family

Monday, September 5, 2011

1st formal assembly

back to moscow

peace..hehee..cuti asyraf dah he's back to moscow today..insyaAllah see you again next year....semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya...ameen

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a quiet sunday afternoon

everyone went back..esok kena kerja..yeah..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

raya 2011 picture

yesterday, 4th syawal on a friday family picture. no 1st syawal family picture because hamid and family were in penang. asyraf sat beside mak because he will be going back to moscow on 5th september.