Wednesday, June 30, 2010


key performance index that's kpi which everyone is talking about. my kpi? always do the best.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Title..Go Brazil Go...

Update.. 3/7/2010
yesterday Brazil lost to Holland, 2-1..yeah..and tonight Argentina will meet Germany. I hope Argentina will win.

Netherlands 2-1 Brazil

Brazil Brazil Flag 3-0 Chile Flag Chile

with 7 points now

Netherlands Netherlands Flag 2-1 Slovakia Flag Slovakia

with 9 points after the game last night....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture of the day ...Ustaz Nasrudin

Eventhou he is still on medical leave and moving around with his wheel chair, he insisted to teach in his Arabic class today. Thank you Ustaz. May you recover fast.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

asyraf flying to moscow

my nephew will be studying aviation engineering in moscow. he'll be flying tomorrow night. may Allah bless him always.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BP oil spill at Gulf of Mexico

I was reading about the BP oil rig explosion and like these 2 pictures. The explosion occured on 20th April 2010. After two months when the BP Deepwater oil rig exploded, these pellicans are still alive. They were transfered to a new habitat by the environmentalists The other picture is a controlled burning of the oil. So much lost due to this disaster, but BP agreed to pay billions of dollars to the US government. You may see more pictures at:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it's raining and it's very quiet....

Monday, June 21, 2010

waking up and stretching......

let's wake up and eliminate holiday mood plus monday blues...yeah..1,2,3..inhale..exhale....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

pak cik bunga

bunga tiga bulan
my sister is working today, actually she's attending an annual meeting of her company so ive to accompany my mom to pasar tani. i overheard an old man selling flowers negotiating the price with a few ladies. "duit boleh cari dik, hati senang tak boleh dibeli." at last the ladies did not buy the flowers but another old apek came with his bicycle bought two pots of orchids.
i quietly bought this flower called bunga tiga bulan. the apek wanted to buy this too but the pak cik bunga said..bunga tu ada satu itu saje..hehee..kesian apek tu..

life without cancer

ive been reading a bit on cancer. you know my aunty has breast cancer at second stage. she said she's been taking herbal medicine and i found this website
the herbal product is keladi tikus (Super Typhonium Flagelliforme) one of the article there mentioned that cancer patients should avoid taking any animal product such as meat and surprisingly milk. looks like the vegetarian should be safe from cancer.

Antara perkara yang perlu dielakkan oleh pesakit kanser adalah :
1.Makanan Berdaging (lembu dll)
2.Hasil Tenusu (susu dan makanan yang mengandungi hasil tenusu yang lain)
3.Merokok dan hasil tembakau yang lain.
4.Minuman Keras dan sumber alcohol yang lain.
5.Tekanan perasaan.
6.Makanan yang diawet (dalam tin atau pembungkusan yang lain)

i love red meat compared to white meat...kena la elak makan daging lepas ni...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

a reminder...yeah to me...

i should and must :

a) do what is right
b) enjoin others to what is right
c) abstain from what is wrong
d) forbid what is wrong

bola bola bola...south africa 2010

i thot i did not get the fever..hehee..eventhou i'm not down with the fever but still i have favourites...macam semua bagus aje.....hehee

group just got 1 point. uruguay and mexico has 4 points.
group is safe and has 6 points compared to south korea and greece has 3 points each
group C..england.hehee.they'll be out for sure becos slovenia has 4 points and usa has better chance
group D...germany..eventhou they have 3 points now. they still have chance. ghana and serbia bagus juga la..
group E ..netherlands the orangy team and japan..suka dua-dua..both has 3 points now
group F..italy..yeah..they'll get thru easily i hope
group G..brazil....i hope they meet argentina or italy or holland in the finals..
group H..spain..but they are out..ha..ha..surprisingly chile is on the top now.. many favourites la..?? hehee

mom and market

i usually go to market with my mom and sister on saturday or sunday. lately i play truant..mengelat and only my sister will accompany our mother to the market.heeheee..i'll either stay at home. most of the time i'll just stay in the car if i drive them to the market. my mom loves to go to the market. my late father always let her does the shopping for groceries and cooking stuff. i do not think i'll go to the market today..ive to key-in lots of data for nkra i'll be stuck with this messy task this weekend...

Friday, June 18, 2010


today is friday and im on duty..meaning eventhou it's holiday ive to be at the office..yeah..kerja la... ok...let's read the hadith sent by a friend Olakunle Yusuff

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is oppressed." The people asked, "It is right to help him if he is oppressed, but how should we help him if he is an oppressor?" The Prophet replied: "By preventing him from oppressing others." Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 3, Hadith 624

The Prophet Muhammad also said: “There are no sins more fit to (be punished) by God...than oppression and severing ties of relationship.” Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 229

today is good but not so good...

9 out of 22 of 4 cerdas
i've finished marking the mid year exam science paper for form 4 cerdas (senireka tanda). that's the good news. the not so good one is they all fail the exam. rasa penatnya mengajar mereka ni..may be they are more interested with their elective senireka tanda. yeah..may be they should just learn science not for examinations but just for fun..hehee..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

obituary : mr wee seng hock gpk of smk st andrew

from the left : mr levan, mr tian, mr wee and mr cheng
high tea at classic hotel
a benchmark visit to smk king george V seremban

a sedili trip to attend a quality seminar

a dinner at mutiara motor resort in sedili

i was shocked and deeply saddened by the news about the death of mr wee seng hock. i received the call from mr suffian informing the bad news right after our nkra meeting. i immediately called his close friends mr levan and mr cheng, mr wee, mr levan and mr cheng were absent from the meeting and were away on holidays. both of them were so sad and promised to attend mr wee's funeral. mr wee was involved in an accident with a trailer. he must been driving from kuantan with his family for holidays. 4 others had died too, his mom and his 3 children. his wife and 2 other children were badly injured. i cannot contact mr tian his other good friend because i do not have his number. sorry mr wee usually addressed himself as roland was such a kind soft spoken man. may God bless his family this time and always.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

kakiku masih sakit lagi..

9.30 pagi :senyap-senyap pergi jumpa doktor sebab masih risau dah hampir sebulan rasa sakit di kaki kiri apabila duduk tahiyat semasa solat... rasa macam daging terkoyak gitu..hehee..dari luar nampak ok saje..berjalan pun ok juga..tapi sesekali rasa macam ngilu....dr hamimah pun tak tahu nak kata apa..dr tanya ..mungkin terseliuh ke?..tak ingat pun..heheee...dia beri ubat tahan sakit dan ubat kurangkan bengkak...tapi tak nampak bengkak pun...buat juga ujian kencing manis dan ambil ukuran tekanan darah..kedua-duanya ok..ntah la..bagi masa lagi..kalau masih sakit mungkin kena pegi hospital pulak buat x-ray ke...sabtu kot..pegi hospital pantai..boleh lepak-lepak gi melaka pulak..hehee..

10.00 pagi : sarapan mee rebus dan satay daging. patut ambil ujian kolesterol juga tadi.
10.45 pagi : ke pejabat untuk semak surat. esok ada taklimat nkra 8 pagi di bukit pasir.
11.30 pagi : jumpa hjh raziah. lepak sekejap dengan rakan pencen ni.
12.30 tgh : pegi semula pejabat. semak bahan untuk dibawa ke taklimat esok.
13.20 ptg : balik rumah dan solat.
13.45 ptg : mengadap laptop dan online..yeah..sambil makan gula-gula pengkalan kubor. sedap juga gula-gula buatan tradisional ni..
15.00 ptg : marking mid year exam paper..yes..belum siap..
nota: tukang rumah man bilal masjid sedang pasang siling bilik mak setelah yang lama dibuka untuk dibaiki bahagian beruti yang makan anai-anai.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

lainnya kota bharu

pasar siti khadijah di kota bharu ada bangunan khas untuk tandas dan dinamakan tandas sejahtera..bersebelahan dengan masjidnya...canggih la..

kelantan..state of cek mek molek..

alhamdulillah, i'm back home already. i safely arrived home at around 10.00 pm. actually i went to kota bharu with a friend, hjh raziah. she is now a pensioner and she suggested that we took a flight to kb. we jimat a lot of time and energy so we have more time window shopping..heheee..we spent 2 nights at flora place at jalan kebun sultan. the hotel was clean and nice eventhou the room was a bit small becos my friend is taller and bigger than me..hehee.. nasi dagang hotel ni took us about 10 minutes walk to pasar siti khadijah and bazar buluh kubu. now kb has parkson and many other import goods shops at it's new shopping centre the kota bharu trade centre kbtc. the last time i went to kota bharu that place for kbtc was an open space for parking and used for warungs at night. we shopped for batik at razali batik, nordin batik, hanafi batik. off course we shopped at bazar buluh kubu and pasar siti khadijah too. kb is very famous for it's tudung and i bought tudungs different colours and designs...waaa.....gila membeli... on the second day we went to pengkalan kubor. my friend bought blouses and handbags. i bought 3 blouses 1 for my sister and 2 for me..yeah..kita mesti lebih..kb is heaven for food...we ate nasi kerabu with ayam percik at a famous yati restaurant for lunch..tapi beli juga kuih muihnya..ya Allah..tak cukup perut saje nak makan..all were so delicious. kb is a must visit place. i hope i can visit kb at least once a year..insyaAllah..

Thursday, June 10, 2010's over..

the ptk is over, and i'll be flying to kota bharu tomorrow morning. anyway i dread waking up very very very early in the morning to go to the airport. i just want to post this picture taken during the last session of the ptk today. coincidently the invigilators and the regional officers wore the same theme batik, the ladies in blue tone and the gentlemen in green colour.i look big in the not that big..ha.ha..

hj naimem and raja naquib songkok tinggi ... were the two ro.
noraini panot was my assistant and she wore blue/purplish
zaiton yusof songkok rendah..and young zulhazmi sibon wore green
fung siew wee cantik saje nyonya ni...and tan nam peng the youngest but she's the most alert and active one..
thank you guys..happy holidays..bye

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


after a tiring day, i watched a movie directed by mel gibson apocalyto. it's a film about the mayan civilization in mexico. the dialogue is in mayan language and subtitles is provided. a bit scary at first..but it's an interesting film with an unknown heroe and heroin....handsome dan cantik mamat dan minah dari mexico..

Monday, June 7, 2010

Examination again..

kota bandung 1
kota bandung 2

just finished conducting a meeting and i'll be invigilating a competency test for teachers and education staffs starting from tomorrow. the test will be held until the 10th june. i'll be the chief invigilator again. ha..'sigh'..semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. ameen.

p/s..tak sabar nak gi jalan-jalan...not bandung but kota bharu this time...and that will be on the 11th..yeah..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

weddings and good old friends

pn noraini talib now in jb....lamanya tak jumpa..
pn hamidah md yassin still in hsm
congrats pn hjh nazlizah hassan..dapat menantu baru....
hjh nazlizah is now in bangi and hjh jasimah is still in hsm

congratulations faqaruddin

i attended 4 weddings today. my ex student faqaruddin kadir is now married, congratulations faqaruddin. semoga Allah beri kebahagiaan. i met a few ex colleagues and they are still my good great old friends...seronoknya jumpa kawan lama...

jom kenal

do you know what is that? it is a fish. a mudskipper. off course we dont eat this fish. i took this picture at the muddy muar river bank. the malays call it ikan belacak and more famous as ikan tembakul. there's a movie about this fish. batu belah batu bertangkup. cerita sedih la....mudskipper is a primitive fish acccording to the biologist it is an in between creature. it is an amphibian (amphibious fish)just like the frog heheee...meaning it can breathe through their skin and gills either way depending on the situation in the water or out of water.

you may read more at...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


bright red rose of hong kong

today i went to two weddings out of three invitations. i ate nasi minyak with beriani daging, a bit of ayam masak merah,pencuk nenas and a glass of orange juice at one of the house. at the other house i took only bubur kacang hijau. kena jaga makan...nowadays i easily get neck pain..angin sana sini...there's so many people getting married during the weekends of school holidays. on the 12th june i received 5 invitations...luckily i'll be in kota bharu..
p/s the pain on my right foot is back...waa...angin sudah ke kaki..

Friday, June 4, 2010

a not so interesting cuti....hhmmmm

bright red rose of shanghai

school holidays is between 5th june to 20th june, but ive to work..i even attended a meeting this afternoon..orang lain dah cabut pegi jalan-jalan..balik kampung atau tido petang jumaat... i'll be invigilating a ptk the only female chief..

my schedule will be...
5th june..that's
6th june..weddings..faqaruddin's wedding..
7th june..ptk invigilation meeting
8th june..ptk exam
9th june..ptk exam
10th june..ptk exam
11th june..kota bharu flight at 7.45 am.flight ticket paid by a pensioned friend..dia yang nak bayar..
12th june..kota bharu...sayang sekali could not attend a special wedding invitations..mariam kahwin..yeah.. sorry mariam..i choose to be in kota bharu...
13th june..still in kota bharu..eventhou it is wafiuddin's wedding..
14th june..marking mid year exam paper....just one class but still ive to mark...
15th june..marking
16th june..marking
17th june..tido/movie..bought 3 pirate dvd to watch..
18th june..duty at school
19th june..tido/movie
20th june..annual general meeting of a cooperative...
21th june..hurray....kerja semula..
**faqa and wafi are my ex-students..semoga berbahagia dan diberkati Allah.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


colourful shining crsytal bracelet....little gifts for my friends.

small reunion

shaazrin and masreen...join us for makan-makan

nurhazlinda and hanani applied for transfer and surprisingly they got it. nurhazlinda will be teaching at smk pandan jaya, somewhere in selangor, while hanani will be at smk desa mewah near seremban. they were my former colleagues. may Allah bless them always.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

learning is a life time process

credits to this two remaja bloggers..i learn a lot from them without their knowledge i think..hehee...inspiring me to write and have my own blog....
..quietly im a blogger now..
thank you dania. thank you ayesha.

ikhlas tapi jauh RAP

Bila bila kiranya diriku perlu
Hari yang murung
Terdengar nada yang riang ria
Sekali suara meyakinkan jiwa
Kaku langkah mengaguminya
Kaku menerimanya

Selagi bahuku
Memikul bebannya
Selagi hayatku
Merasa siksa
Selama senyuman
Menjadi senyumku
Ku bawa wajahmu
Walau diriku jauh...



ikhlas tapi jauh ALAM

zainal alam(a SAJOHAN too) and his akademi fantasia.(idayu, akma and hazama)sang beautiful songs at malam amal SAJOHA but i always like the finale..ikhlas tapi jauh. i once had this song by sheila majid and zainal abidin, recorded on tape. i played the tape over and over again when i drove home from kota tinggi..and back again. that's more than 100 kilometers one way..gila..and i still love this song until today..

my classmates 5e2 mce 1976 of smsj

the eleven of 5e2 1976
cikgu jalil still with botak style
ustazah salamiah looks so young..

i was in 5e2 (mce1976) at sekolah menengah sains johor. there were thirty of us but only eleven came for majlis malam amal untuk dana pendidikan dan kerohanian smsj. most memorable was the presence of our ustazah salamiah who came all the way from kota bharu. ustazah salamiah decided to attend this event. she said, it is more relevant than attending a programme with her husband the mufti of kelantan. that's most touching to hear. our geography teacher cikgu jalil drove from bandar tasik puteri rawang just to meet us..heheee..thank you sir..terima kasih ustazah. i was hoping our form teacher cikgu tajul arif yusof to come but he did not turn up. i prepared a photo album full of pictures of us for cikgu tajul, i brought back the album. insyaAllah may be he'll turn up next meeting.may Allah bless our teachers good health always.ameen

my classmates present at mmma SAJOHA 28th may 2010 at Dewan Perdana Felda Jalan Semarak Kuala Lumpur:
1 abdul jalil marzuki..our monitor until with public bank
2 abdul jalil mohammad..the son of maharani ghazal singer.dia datang.a jkr engineer
3 abdul razak ahmad marzuki..paints with his own company
4 abdul razak taukeh satay who drove from endau mersing
5 nasiruddin salleh..travels a lot..attached to erickson
6 md diah hamdan..was in our school debate lecturing at uum.
7 jamaluddin with agro bank
8 sujan sebi..another engineer who owns a company
9 jamaliah bakri..a physics teacher at a school in selangor
10 shahidah with vads..a senior manager
11 me...heheee

Tired and Bored

im bored and tired..i slept all afternoon.

anti nuclear