Saturday, July 31, 2010

irsyad is married

muhammad irsyad bin muhamed kamarudin was my student at muar high school and today i attended his wedding reception at his parent's place. he's married to sabrina erna binti sabri .congratulations irsyad..may Allah bless you and your wife always and live happily. i met and chatted with his classmates and friends. yes..they remembered me..hehee..their garang science teacher..

a reminder : have a mind of your own

today mr olakunle m yusuff sent me this hadith by al-tirmidhi hadith 1325


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
"Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well and that if they do wrong you will do wrong. But (instead) accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong if they do evil."

Friday, July 30, 2010

mersing : rural town

i was in mersing for a short course from 28-30th july. i went to the seaside and visited the keropok production place. surprisingly the ladies making the keropok are from terengganu. malu aje orang mersing.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rule 10 : Develop the Right Attitude

at work a lot of people have a sort of 'us and them' attitude. they like to side with the 'workers' and moan about the 'management', but i must develop the right attitude :

the right atittude means giving it my best shot, not just today but every day. not just when it's easy but when it's bloody awful as well.

the right atittude means going that extra mile, giving it that extra effort even when im tired and pissed off and ready to quit. others can quit, i can't, im a rules player.

the right atittude is head up, never moaning, always positive and upbeat,constantly looking for the advantage and the edge.

the right atitude is developing standards---and sticking to them. being sure of the bottom line and knowing when to make a stand.

the right atittude is being aware that i have enormous power and that i will exercise the power with kindness, restraint, humanity and consideration. i wont do anyone down or be ruthless or manipulative. yes..i may take advantage of other's sleepiness or wrong atittude..that's their problem, but i will take the moral high ground and be blameless.

the right atittude is being good but quick, kind but observant, considerate but successful...

modified from page 22-23

Friday, July 23, 2010

asyraf in moscow..

moscow state aviation institute
credits to friends of asyraf for the pictures.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

great teacher inspires..

i was in 5 dedikasi this morning and quietly took this picture...nampak ok saje mereka ni..may Allah lead them to success in their studies for their better future.

a not so short note

case no 1 : yesterday afternoon i attended a district level meeting and for the first time i did not speak a word in a meeting. the other committtee members were so jealous, but i did that just to save face the bossess. after the meeting quietly i went to see the officer in-charge and told him to make sure the data presented be updated for the next meeting. so it's all up to him, i'll not be as quiet next time. seriously..sakit hati juga ni..
case no 2 : i missed an important date. my secretary had an operation and is on medical leave, but that's not the reason for being careless. everyone seems to be very busy lately.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

briefings..then get to work..

i went to a briefing on school security services today and met my former school principal hj abdullah baba (second on my left). he was my principal at smk jalan junid when i was the head of mathematics and science department. he will retire on the 5th of august 2010, that's in two weeks time at smk bukit gambir. it's good to see him today. terima kasih tuan haji atas segala tunjuk ajar. selamat bersara. may Allah bless you and family always.

Monday, July 19, 2010

monday blues

it hit me since yesterday afternoon...seriously..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

apc 2009

my school counselor cikgu ahmad tumami(retired) was one of the recipient...
mr president, hj roslan(left most), mr secretary(middle) and mr vice president(right most)
the guys in batik were the ppd officers

my school teachers : mr azmi (red tie) and pn chia yue ling

the maahad muar nasyid group....they are the champions of so competitions..

my former school teachers....cikgu-cikgu cemerlang

my ex-colleague at muar high school...cikgu fareha

my school teacher..cikgu mazlan with his wife...

the anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang apc 2009 ceremony took place at smka maahad muar. more then 600 teachers received their certificate from the assistant state director hj markom giran. muar has over elevan thousand teachers. i'm lucky to get the chance to attend this ceremony and i'm among the vvip...hehee..i sat at the most front row and i managed to snap pictures from my seat easily. actually i represented the m4p, the majlis perhubungan pemimpin pelapis because the president, the vice president and the secretary were among the 600 recepients. since im the vice secretary....the president insisted that i attend the ceremony..anyway, thank you mr president. eventhou the ceremony took about 4 hours, i enjoyed myself by snapping pictures and meeting friends.

the picture i like..

thank you murtadha for ths picture. we were walking to the school hall for en ahmad tumami's farewell meet with the students. en ahmad is in blue, my principal in green and the yang dipertua pibg is in brown. i'm holding the file containing the letter of appreciation from the johore state education director to en ahmad for his good service as a teacher for 31 years. selamat bersara en ahmad.

Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm not invited today but...

i'm not in their invitation list.....heheee...they acted weird and awkward... i felt awkward too....i thought i'm in their good book but looked like i'm not...yeah i wonder if they know the meaning of the name of the charity, god knows best.
p/s but..yeah..god knows best..i'll be attending the district level apc anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang ceremony tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

YB..-yang bersara ahmad tumami

my school counselor en ahmad tumami bin tasral will be retiring soon. actually his birthday is 18th july. this afternoon we had high tea at pelangi hotel. tomorrow morning will be his farewell meet with the students. may Allah bless you and your family always.
jasamu dikenang sepanjang masa.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

to put things right between people

i paid the traffic summon that i received from the traffic police today. i put rm300 on the counter after the policeman behind a pc said "tiga ribu" when i gave him the summon ticket. then he commented, "orang banyak duit" but i did not say a word. then he asked for my identity card. when he saw my ic he said," sekarang duduk mana". i answered him by saying i stayed at the same address written in my ic. he commented, " tak pernah nampak pun". i kept quiet. while he was typing something on the pc he was murmuring something which i cannot hear clearly, and i asked him to repeat. he said, he was talking to another officer and telling him that he was in the same class with me at a religious school. heheee...(actually i did not finish my religious school because i went to a boarding school)..he said loudly, 'dia tu pandai, kawan ni bodoh sebab tu kerja kat kaunter ini saje'. i smiled a bit and said nothing. actually i was wishing and praying that he'll not take rm 300...heheee..afterall my offence was only parking at a non parking lot. after the reciept was ready...jeng..jeng..jeng...he returned my rm270. alhamdulillah... actually i did not know that the summon should be only rm30..nothing was written on the summon paper.. padan la dia kata..'orang banyak duit' and actually i'm stupid not him. the officer actually sindir/being cynical because i did not bother to ask him the amount for my offence. sombong bodoh..hehee..
p/s i asked my mom if she knows anyone at our village that work as a traffic police..she said yes..'anak seman jemaat'..heheee...nasib la dia..i cannot recall him anyway..sorry mr policeman.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain is the WC Champion

credit to the BBC news
17 that's Elia

woke up at 3.00 am this morning. and they were still at 0-0:

1 Oranje lost.
2 Andres Iniesta scores with four minutes left in extra time to give Spain their first World Cup with a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands.
3 Diego Forlan of Uruguay is the best player of the 2010 WC. He received the Golden Ball.
4 Thomas Mueller of Germany is top scorer and won the Golden Shoe.
5 Spain is the champion with the fewest goals. they put in only 8 goals during the championship...
6 Iker Casillas the cpatain is only 29 year old. He collects the famous WC trophy.

Netherlands 0-1 Spain FT
(HT 0-0)
After Extra Time
Iniesta, 116
Venue: Soccer City
Referee: Howard Webb
Attendance: 84,490

bye bye south africa

p/s every team that i sokong..kalah..hehee..but that's a game anyway..

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Reminder to mySelf : Tahajud

kuala sedili, kota tinggi
Orang yang melakukan solat Tahajud akan memperolehi bermacam-macam nikmat yang menyejukkan pandangan mata (As-Sajdah 16-17), tutur kata yang berkesan, mantap dan berkualiti, qaulan tsaqila (Al-Muzzammil,5)

my mak itam

my aunty ramnah

with her sister, my mom
mak itam has cancer. yesterday she looks fine to me. may Allah give her good health always.

family matters..

yesterday my uncles, aunties and cousins came to my mom's place to meet for the agm of our family koperasi. the committee members wore the same design shirt...cantik youngest brother is the chairman, and he's smilling there. my sister is the assistant treasurer smilling standing behind him.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

a day to remember...'they' forget me today

Chiangmai/Chiangrai trip..with hjh raziah and irma

Never explain..your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway..
p/s "they" bukan yang dalam gambar tu... but nevermind..afterall it's just a small tiny race

Friday, July 9, 2010

not so lucky afternoon

kena saman polis trafik la hari ni...sakit hati ni....kena saman sebab parking salah tempat...apa la polis ni...saman kereta yang tak bergerak pun....mana adil?????.....

School Open Day

i taught dinie last year. his mother came and he's very happy. dinie did very well in his studies. i hope he'll perform better in future. insyaAllah.
faiszudin was so happy when his father came. he pulled his father closer to him for this picture. watching at his gesture, i'm sure he's a good son. may Allah bless them always.

i was surprised to see suresh and his mother walking along the corridor of block C . suresh is very weak in his studies. i pity him but he is so baik and sporting. i hope he'll survive and have a good life in future.

Muar Daerahku : Muar MyDistrict

yesterday i attended this mass briefing by the district officer (in yellow) tn hj mislan karmani on a campaign to keep muar clean. i wonder why malaysians seem do not like to have clean environment even in their own compund. the DO asked dr fauzi the muar hospital director show a demo on how to do brisk walk correctly. dr fauzi did the brisk walking infront of more than 700 head of departments present.....if i'm at dr fauzi's position, i dont think i'll do that..hehee..

1office 1heart..

they are my present school office staff. yesterday the ladies wore the same malay baju kurung. they looked nice and sweet. so i took this picture. the chief clerk en sukur was on the phone and always busy. en murtadha is the young technician smilling there. both of them did not know the plan to wear the same tone baju....anyway guys..this picture is a present for all of you..kerja rajin-rajin..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hong kong : sea lion

Is sleeping a sickness?

i've been teaching for many years, but nowadays is very common to see students sleeping in the classroom. some of them will fall asleep once they enter the class. yeah..eventhou it is still very early in the morning. i wonder if sleeping is a sickness or a kind of disease.
i told my students may be i should make a police report about their sleeping habit. may be they have been abused by their parents and cannot sleep well at home.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Picture of the Day

happy to watch them happy

orang miskin orang kaya orang jahat orang baik

saya suka ayat-ayat ini..

kemiskinan bukan dilawan dengan memberikan beras dan ikan masin.kemiskinan lahir dari struktur masyarakat itu sendiri. agihan kekayaan yang kurang adil adalah penyebab utama. beri beras , beri gula, beri telor , beri duit – memang boleh melegakan kesusahan sang keluarga. ini langkah betul. sesiapa yang melakukannya telah membuat amal yang baik. tapi untuk berapa lama? disinilah seharusnya gedung-gedung ilmu kita mengeluar kan pandangan dan pendapat. mengeluarkan cadangan dan thesis. mengajukan cara menyuluruh untuk memastikan tidak ada sesiapa yang tecicir jatuh miskin.kita bersedih bila membaca berita ini.kita bersimpati apabila menghayati berita ini.tapi bersimpati dan menghayati hanya pembuka mata.kuncinya pada diri kita sendiri.

dalam dunia ini yang jahat bukan ramai kejahatan dan kebebalan muncul apabila orang baik tidak melakukan apa-apa.

permission denied

Update : Thank you Ayesha for alerting me that dania has relink...this time she's writing in malay..hmmm

dania is intelligent and creative girl. she's many step ahead....i'll miss reading her blog. anyway thank you dania.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Voices of Puteri Islam

Germany 4-0 Argentina

germany tore argentina apart to book their place in the semi-finals. Kesian Maradona but u have lousy stars romero, messi. the germans really thrashed the argentinians...klose, are the stars..go germany go..

Argentina 0-4 Germany FT
(HT 0-1)
Muller, 3Klose, 67, 89Friedrich, 74

Venue: Green Point Stadium
Referee: R Irmatov
Attendance: 64,100

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Picture of the day

This is a special picture, a three generation picture. The first generation is Pak Long Kassim is my dad's elder brother is sitting with his wife Mak Long Yut. In orange tudung is Mak Usu Yam, my dad's youngest sister. Her actual name is Juriah, dont know why she's called Yam. My sister Faridah in blue and the youngest there is Faiz my nephew. Faiz is my youngest brother's son.
p/s taken at the wedding of my cousin's daughter today