Thursday, April 8, 2010

The rules of work..rule 43

Rule 43 - Be a good listener

Ive a weakness...sometimes i refuse to listen...heheee..good listening is a skill, a special talent. ive to practice and learn..

A good listener is someone who makes the speaker know that they are's some tips:

1 making encouraging noises ..hmmmmmm..go on, listening..
2 displaying appropriate body language...head tiled to one side, eyes open and looking at the person speaking , not yawning or fiddling with your watch
3 repeating back some bits to make sure they know you've taken them in..."on Friday at 3, yes..ive got that..
4 getting them to repeat things you havent heard or understood.."can you repeat that bit about penang? i'm not sure i was taking that in"..
5 asking questions.."so the move to the other block will not happen now"
6 taking notes...write stuff down as they speak...

why would i want to be a good listener?...i get..
* more facts
* a better understanding of what i suppose to be doing
* a better gasp of what is going on around me
* seen as sympathetic and considerate
* seen as intelligent and alert
* seen as someone on top of my job
if i dont listen i dont know. if im going to listen i make sure they know im listening.

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