Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Personal Appearance of Our Holy Prophet s.a.w in Hadiths

A Starfish at Mersing Seaside
Hadrat Hassan narrated " I asked my father (Hadrat Ali) about Holy Prophet's way of entering the house. " He said , "He used to go in the house for his personal needs, and his admittance to his house was governed by (Allah's ) permission. Whenever he came in the house, he divided the time into three parts- one part reserved for Allah, the other part for the family members, and the third for himself (i.e to take rest etc). Even out of the part of the time he reserved for himself, he devoted a part to his people- specially his close companions, who conveyed to other(what they learnt from the Holy prophet, during this time) and he did not hide anything from (his) people.

page 29 The Lives of the Sahabah Vol 1

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