Saturday, November 19, 2011

teaching of thinking era

have you heard the news on this huge project??? 
smk convent is the pilot school for i-THINK project
(Kestrel Education of the UK is our source of reference)

Malaysia - Following an invitation from the Agensi Inovasi Malaysia in the Prime Minister's office of the Malaysian government, Richard Cummins and Nick Symes visited Malaysia in September to help with the development of a national plan to introduce thinkng skills into Malaysian schools. The outcome is that ten schools will take part in a pilot project beginning January 2012.
Teachers and representatives from the Ministry of Education visited the schools in the UK recognised by the Cognitive Education Centre at the University of Exeter.
In November six trainers will travel to Malaysia to train all the teachers in the pilot schools along with a group of people who will become the national training team.
A number of schools in the UK will twin with the pilot schools and will be sharing ideas, expertise and experience.

my school teachers, pibg and an officer from state education department

mr nick symes
smk convent  is one of the ten schools involve in the pilot project of  this huge project creating thinking schools in malaysia. five teachers including the principal from each school attended a short course on thinking skills from 14-18th november at the mines wellness hotel seri kembangan. i attended the course together with pn ramlah head of technique & vocational department, pn norlida head of physics panel cik nur ruhaida expert teacher in history and cik hafsah head of chemistry panel. insyaAllah starting from 5th december 2011 this short course on thinking skills wil be held for all teachers of my school at traders hotel. this great project will give us the chance to change our school from teacher centered to child centered and from teaching to learning. nick showed us the eight thinking maps that will lead to more effective learning for our school children. it was a great pleasure and i gained knowledge from the sharing of experience and expertise with denise shepherd executive principal of rochester grammar school and mike griffiths principal of cardiff high during ledership session. i like both session- the thinking tools session by nick and the leadership session by denise and mike. i hope smk convent will proceed with this project with minimum problem. this project is inline with our mission to produce excellent students. thinking students will make them more independent, more creative and hopefully more marketable in future.

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