Monday, September 20, 2010

dr anuar said my eyes are ok

i went to see an eye specialist today. ive been feeling not good with my eyes lately. i cannot read more then 10 minutes so i thought may be i need spectacles. ive a spec actually a magnifying glass.hehee.specs for the old people, but i did not use it. today my friend suggested the specialist doctor to me. he inspected  my eyes, then asked me to undergo the reading test, and surprisingly i got full marks for both eyes..yeah...alhamdulillah..not bad for a 51 years old to get 6/6 for both eyes..he tested my eye pressure and said both are ok. and lastly he checked my eye nerves.he took pictures of my eyes and i can see my red capillaries and actually there's pics of the nerves too. all are computerised..waaa..i should have studied and jadi doctor...macam seronok saje kerja dia...hehee..i was offered to do medicine when usm first opened its school of medicine, but during that time i was in my 2nd year biology major..malas nak ulang dan jadi first year student last dr anuar said my eyes are dry, may be due to the air-condition and the may be lack of i thot ive been sleeping all thru the holidays..but he said this happened not in one or two weeks but have been happening for years..adui...heehe..ok..ok..he gave me 2 types of eye droplets...a drop per 5 hours for both types for a month. ...bertambah lagi getting older..

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