Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my brain is ok..

i was at pantai hospital medical center in melaka yesterday. i was sent to see a neurologist dr abu bakar. after expalining that i feeling not good and having stif neck and sometimes on the face, he said ive to undergo three tests, the blood test, the brain & pns ct scan and the nerve test.  ct scan for my brain?..that's serious...hehee.. at 2 pm all the results were out and i met dr abu bakar again. he explained to me according to the 3 tests. first of all he was smilling when he said, your brain is ok nothing is wrong there mormal appearance of brain parenchyma, no facial lesion or any intracranial haemorrhage and normal ventricles no evidence of any acute sinusitis and normal ct brain. he showed me the x-ray negatives. so my brain is ok..alhamdulillah..then he said, you have to check on your diet. my cholesterol level is borderline 6.2mmol/L. now i must avoid eating seafood and red meat...hehee...but dr abu bakar said ive a problem with my nerve. may be due to some infections. i told him taht i'm feeling not good since  3 or 4 months ago. he said according to the nerve pain may have started since 3 years ago..yeah..i saw the curves going up and down at certain part of the nerves test result. so he said ive to take medicine for 3 months and see what happen. so, ive taken 3 kinds of pills. one is for high blood pressure and two more for my nerves. all these medical check-up costs me rm874.00. the most expensive is the ct scan for my brain & pns that is rm430.00. but im relieved at least i now know what is wrong with me. the pills make me so sleepy, luckily i am still on holiday.

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