Sunday, September 25, 2011

smk convent will be a high performance school too

opening presentation by the zapin girls of sk convent
 ppd presenting camping champion ..sbt sk ismail of kuala terengganu
penolong pengarah kanan of bahagian pengurusan sbt
presenting the winner award for public speaking competition
choral speaking champion sbt sk convent
i attended the closing and award presentation of the national level  uniform units camping and the english carnival held at sk convent this afternoon. sk convent is a high performance school cohort 2 for 2011. there were 4 other hps and 7 schools from "pemuafakatan pintar" programme participated in these two events. it's a great success for sk convent. congratulation to pn rohana selamat the headmistress and all the teachers of sk convent. i hope and wish that smk convent will follow soon, insyaAllah. we must work tripple hard to achieve the high performance school level. this is possible if we teachers and pupils of smk convent work together and get full support from all the parents and the school board of govenors, insyaAllah.

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