Sunday, September 25, 2011

after 37 years

we met at hamidah md yassin son's wedding. they are my  form 3 friends. that was in 1974 at sabgs...hehee..yes so many years ago. they are ruzilah, maria, hanizah and nahariah. maria is now a datin. she's with pearls..a datin style kan..hehee.sitting beside me is ruzilah bachik. she was my form 1 dahlia class monitor. she's now at sabgs 2 primary school as a senior assistant. nahariah with peach color tudung. she's  prettier compared to many years ago...hehee..and hanizah..yes..she's a lot bigger now.  nice meeting all of you kawan-kawan. we are known as golden girls...that's what they told me..hehee

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