Friday, November 27, 2009

a reminder

A reminder to myself

Undesirable Actions on the Day of Eid:
1) It is haram to fast the day of Eid. See hadith in Saheeh Muslim #827.
2) Some people consider it from the sunnah to stay up the night before the Eid worshipping, praying, and reading Quran. This proof is evidenced in the following hadith:
“Whomever livens the night of Eid, will have a live heart when other hearts die,” meaning liven it with prayer.
This hadith has two chains to it; one weak and the other extremely weak.
If one is in the habit of staying up and worshipping Allah, as is encouraged in the Quran and Sunnah, then it is permissible to do so. It is important, however, not to turn this into a special night of worship. To claim otherwise, would be considered an innovation.
3) One should avoid excessive mixing and mingling with the opposite sex who are not mahrem relatives. Naturally, this should be done throughout the year, but even more so during the Eid, given the celebratory nature of this day.
4) Sisters should be cautious of wearing make-up and wearing perfume when leaving their houses and being in public.
5) There is no sunnah prayer before the Eid prayer. If the Eid prayer is performed in the masjid, then one should pray 2 rakat of tahiyat al-masjid-in respect to the masjid-upon entering it. When the Eid prayer is held in an open area, such as a hall or ballroom, then one does not pray the 2 rakah of tahiyat al-masjid.
6) One should always observe the limits prescribed by Islam. Although it is from the sunnah to enjoy the celebration of Eid, one should avoid parties that contain instruments of the devil, or staying up late to the point of missing Salatul Fajr.
7) The celebration of Eid is especially joyous not because one is free from the constraints of Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah, but rather one is blessed with the opportunity to worship. Also, we celebrate with the hope that we are from the ones that will be freed from hell fire and rewarded with heaven. Finally, one returns from Salatul Eid like a baby from its mother’s womb-free of sin in eidul fiter.
8) It is haram to shake hands of the opposite sex who are not mahrem.
9) To visit the graves specifically on the day of the Eid is an innovation. If one visits the graves throughout the year, there is no particular harm, and actually will be rewarded since it is from the sunnah. One should not make it a point to do on this day only.
This is what I was able to gather based on the persistent requests of many brothers and sisters; this Eid night of 1423H.
Remember your brothers and sisters in your duaa, because although you may be happy this Eid, there are masses of Muslims who are oppressed, occupied, and suffering throughout the world. May Allah subhanhu watala return the Eid upon us in the liberation of the Muslim lands, with the victory of the Muslims and Mujahideen throughout the World.

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