Tuesday, July 13, 2010

to put things right between people

i paid the traffic summon that i received from the traffic police today. i put rm300 on the counter after the policeman behind a pc said "tiga ribu" when i gave him the summon ticket. then he commented, "orang banyak duit" but i did not say a word. then he asked for my identity card. when he saw my ic he said," sekarang duduk mana". i answered him by saying i stayed at the same address written in my ic. he commented, " tak pernah nampak pun". i kept quiet. while he was typing something on the pc he was murmuring something which i cannot hear clearly, and i asked him to repeat. he said, he was talking to another officer and telling him that he was in the same class with me at a religious school. heheee...(actually i did not finish my religious school because i went to a boarding school)..he said loudly, 'dia tu pandai, kawan ni bodoh sebab tu kerja kat kaunter ini saje'. i smiled a bit and said nothing. actually i was wishing and praying that he'll not take rm 300...heheee..afterall my offence was only parking at a non parking lot. after the reciept was ready...jeng..jeng..jeng...he returned my rm270. alhamdulillah... actually i did not know that the summon should be only rm30..nothing was written on the summon paper.. padan la dia kata..'orang banyak duit' and actually i'm stupid not him. the officer actually sindir/being cynical because i did not bother to ask him the amount for my offence. sombong bodoh..hehee..
p/s i asked my mom if she knows anyone at our village that work as a traffic police..she said yes..'anak seman jemaat'..heheee...nasib la dia..i cannot recall him anyway..sorry mr policeman.

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