Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rule 10 : Develop the Right Attitude

at work a lot of people have a sort of 'us and them' attitude. they like to side with the 'workers' and moan about the 'management', but i must develop the right attitude :

the right atittude means giving it my best shot, not just today but every day. not just when it's easy but when it's bloody awful as well.

the right atittude means going that extra mile, giving it that extra effort even when im tired and pissed off and ready to quit. others can quit, i can't, im a rules player.

the right atittude is head up, never moaning, always positive and upbeat,constantly looking for the advantage and the edge.

the right atitude is developing standards---and sticking to them. being sure of the bottom line and knowing when to make a stand.

the right atittude is being aware that i have enormous power and that i will exercise the power with kindness, restraint, humanity and consideration. i wont do anyone down or be ruthless or manipulative. yes..i may take advantage of other's sleepiness or wrong atittude..that's their problem, but i will take the moral high ground and be blameless.

the right atittude is being good but quick, kind but observant, considerate but successful...

modified from page 22-23

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