Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my classmates 5e2 mce 1976 of smsj

the eleven of 5e2 1976
cikgu jalil still with botak style
ustazah salamiah looks so young..

i was in 5e2 (mce1976) at sekolah menengah sains johor. there were thirty of us but only eleven came for majlis malam amal untuk dana pendidikan dan kerohanian smsj. most memorable was the presence of our ustazah salamiah who came all the way from kota bharu. ustazah salamiah decided to attend this event. she said, it is more relevant than attending a programme with her husband the mufti of kelantan. that's most touching to hear. our geography teacher cikgu jalil drove from bandar tasik puteri rawang just to meet us..heheee..thank you sir..terima kasih ustazah. i was hoping our form teacher cikgu tajul arif yusof to come but he did not turn up. i prepared a photo album full of pictures of us for cikgu tajul, i brought back the album. insyaAllah may be he'll turn up next meeting.may Allah bless our teachers good health always.ameen

my classmates present at mmma SAJOHA 28th may 2010 at Dewan Perdana Felda Jalan Semarak Kuala Lumpur:
1 abdul jalil marzuki..our monitor until today..now with public bank
2 abdul jalil mohammad..the son of maharani ghazal singer.dia datang.a jkr engineer
3 abdul razak ahmad marzuki..paints beautifully..now with his own company
4 abdul razak hamid...now taukeh satay who drove from endau mersing
5 nasiruddin salleh..travels a lot..attached to erickson
6 md diah hamdan..was in our school debate team.now lecturing at uum.
7 jamaluddin mahfudz..now with agro bank
8 sujan sebi..another engineer who owns a company
9 jamaliah bakri..a physics teacher at a school in selangor
10 shahidah ridwan..now with vads..a senior manager
11 me...heheee

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