Saturday, June 19, 2010

bola bola bola...south africa 2010

i thot i did not get the fever..hehee..eventhou i'm not down with the fever but still i have favourites...macam semua bagus aje.....hehee

group just got 1 point. uruguay and mexico has 4 points.
group is safe and has 6 points compared to south korea and greece has 3 points each
group C..england.hehee.they'll be out for sure becos slovenia has 4 points and usa has better chance
group D...germany..eventhou they have 3 points now. they still have chance. ghana and serbia bagus juga la..
group E ..netherlands the orangy team and japan..suka dua-dua..both has 3 points now
group F..italy..yeah..they'll get thru easily i hope
group G..brazil....i hope they meet argentina or italy or holland in the finals..
group H..spain..but they are out..ha..ha..surprisingly chile is on the top now.. many favourites la..?? hehee


  1. didn't know you follow football as well

  2. a little bit, just to be in least im not lost in any know afterall this is world cup and it only happens once every four years. i miss zidane..and something is wrong with france team.