Thursday, June 10, 2010's over..

the ptk is over, and i'll be flying to kota bharu tomorrow morning. anyway i dread waking up very very very early in the morning to go to the airport. i just want to post this picture taken during the last session of the ptk today. coincidently the invigilators and the regional officers wore the same theme batik, the ladies in blue tone and the gentlemen in green colour.i look big in the not that big..ha.ha..

hj naimem and raja naquib songkok tinggi ... were the two ro.
noraini panot was my assistant and she wore blue/purplish
zaiton yusof songkok rendah..and young zulhazmi sibon wore green
fung siew wee cantik saje nyonya ni...and tan nam peng the youngest but she's the most alert and active one..
thank you guys..happy holidays..bye

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