Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kelantan..state of cek mek molek..

alhamdulillah, i'm back home already. i safely arrived home at around 10.00 pm. actually i went to kota bharu with a friend, hjh raziah. she is now a pensioner and she suggested that we took a flight to kb. we jimat a lot of time and energy so we have more time window shopping..heheee..we spent 2 nights at flora place at jalan kebun sultan. the hotel was clean and nice eventhou the room was a bit small becos my friend is taller and bigger than me..hehee.. nasi dagang hotel ni sedapnya....it took us about 10 minutes walk to pasar siti khadijah and bazar buluh kubu. now kb has parkson and many other import goods shops at it's new shopping centre the kota bharu trade centre kbtc. the last time i went to kota bharu that place for kbtc was an open space for parking and used for warungs at night. we shopped for batik at razali batik, nordin batik, hanafi batik. off course we shopped at bazar buluh kubu and pasar siti khadijah too. kb is very famous for it's tudung and i bought tudungs different colours and designs...waaa.....gila membeli... on the second day we went to pengkalan kubor. my friend bought blouses and handbags. i bought 3 blouses 1 for my sister and 2 for me..yeah..kita mesti lebih..kb is heaven for food...we ate nasi kerabu with ayam percik at a famous yati restaurant for lunch..tapi beli juga kuih muihnya..ya Allah..tak cukup perut saje nak makan..all were so delicious. kb is a must visit place. i hope i can visit kb at least once a year..insyaAllah..

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