Friday, June 4, 2010

a not so interesting cuti....hhmmmm

bright red rose of shanghai

school holidays is between 5th june to 20th june, but ive to work..i even attended a meeting this afternoon..orang lain dah cabut pegi jalan-jalan..balik kampung atau tido petang jumaat... i'll be invigilating a ptk the only female chief..

my schedule will be...
5th june..that's
6th june..weddings..faqaruddin's wedding..
7th june..ptk invigilation meeting
8th june..ptk exam
9th june..ptk exam
10th june..ptk exam
11th june..kota bharu flight at 7.45 am.flight ticket paid by a pensioned friend..dia yang nak bayar..
12th june..kota bharu...sayang sekali could not attend a special wedding invitations..mariam kahwin..yeah.. sorry mariam..i choose to be in kota bharu...
13th june..still in kota bharu..eventhou it is wafiuddin's wedding..
14th june..marking mid year exam paper....just one class but still ive to mark...
15th june..marking
16th june..marking
17th june..tido/movie..bought 3 pirate dvd to watch..
18th june..duty at school
19th june..tido/movie
20th june..annual general meeting of a cooperative...
21th june..hurray....kerja semula..
**faqa and wafi are my ex-students..semoga berbahagia dan diberkati Allah.

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